Big slabs
from CESA Ceramiche Santin srl

Supply and installation of big porcelain tiles of great format with specialized and qualified workforce.

CE.SA. Ceramiche Santin is dealer of big tiles “Ultra” of Ariostea, “Zero3″ of Panaria, “Think Bigger” of Fondovalle and Mirage big slabs.

If you are looking for an original solution for your floor or to the lining of your rooms? The big tiles of Ce.Sa. Ceramiche Santin will leave you speechless.

Ce.Sa. Ceramiche Santin is a well-known dealer of big tiles in Milan city and province, Monza city and province. In our prestigious showroom you can find the best products of major brands in the sector, while the installation is now assigned for two years to the skilful hands of our skilled and qualified installers in the installation of big tiles.

The big tiles possess unique characteristics and provide huge benefits to customers who decide to use them.

  • Enormous size and minimum thickness. From Ce.Sa. Ceramics Santin can also find big sheets of 3 x 1.5 meters, but just 6mm thick
  • The big tiles allow to use a single, homogeneous product for the floor or for covering the walls
  • The floor becomes unitary with the minimum creepage
  • The big tiles are suitable for most purposes: cover walls and floors, but also of doors, kitchens and bathroom top
  • The reduced weight of big tiles guarantees extreme lightness and far-reaching your floor. The big tiles can also be easily transported
  • Employing a unique product you can amortize the costs
  • Ability to create original environments, creative, highly aesthetic and lively. Or go on the classic. You decide which big tiles are for you

If you are looking for the big tiles slabs in Milan city or province and Monza city or province to give new life to your flooring and your walls, Ce.Sa. Ceramiche Santin is the company that offers you the best service. Contact us for more information or to request a quote


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